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  1. New talk and poster

    I just uploaded new pdfs for the talk I gave on the Conference on Complex Systems 2016 in the Satellite Session on Mathematical Pharmacology as well as the Poster I presented on the 26th Page Meeting. …

  2. freqr - Frequency-domain response analysis for R

    R isn’t really the first programming language engineers learn or choose to use. Matlab is the de facto standard for everything involving controller design. But not all control theoretical tools are solely used by control engineers. Frequency-domain response analysis (FdRA) for example is used by systems biologists to either identify the structure of the model from inputs and outputs alone or to tune output behavior by changing the input. Thus, I set to implement basic FdRA functions in R and recently published as freqr. …

  3. Hello

    For already about 10 years I’ve been now having a blog. In the last couple of years it’s been more off than on. Now, I’d like to switch it back on again. So, welcome. …